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Abstract submission
Topics anything about OBGY ultrasound and Perinatalogy
Form MS-Powerpoint 1page, longitudinal view, Picture size over 1MB
Deadline Abstract : July 1st 2016. Poster : August 1st 2016.
E-mail address gjkim@cau.ac.kr
We will print your poster and post it for you, so please send just poster file.
We will notify you about the acceptance of your abstract directly after the approval.
If you have any further inquiries relating to the abstract submission please contact us:
Address: Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Chung-Ang university Hospital 224-1 Heuk Seok-dong Dong Jak-Gu 156-755, Seoul, KOREA
Tel: Hye Ri Kim(sonographer): +82-10-9370-9378/ E-mail: khyeri89@naver.com Gwang Jun Kim(Director of ID school): +82-10-8781-2300/ E-mail: gjkim@cau.ac.kr